Fellowship at the Ranch
Saturday, April 19, 2014

Update:  02.25.2014

Our PODCAST SITE has been updated.  If you need to catch up on a sermon series
or would like to listen to a previous sermon, please contact me and I will give you
details on how to get these recordings for your computer/device.
This Sunday - March 2nd we begin the sermon series:

"Heroes of the Bible" where we will examine 5 lives from the Old Testament and see
how they honor and glorify God.  We'll discover truths that will apply to us today if
we should choose to bring God glory as well.  Join us on this journey!







Special Announcement:  Easter Service 6:oo P.M















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Come worship with us this Sunday!
We hope that you will come to worship a few minutes early to make some new friends!
We meet weekly at 10:30 A.M. in the CLUBHOUSE at Robson Ranch.
Our worship time is a time designed to lead people to Jesus! 
Come and See!
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